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About Leo

Leo Vergnetti

Leo Vergnetti

Founder LeoVergnetti.Com

“Making connections, building communities, invigorating companies, healing people.”

For more than four decades. Leo Vergnetti has provided civic and commercial leadership in Northeastern Pennsylvania with his head, his heart and his humanity.

Leo’s street smarts, passion, common sense and plain language create enduring value in corporate board and legislative hearing rooms, in the back offices and front lines of customer service businesses, in the forefront of foundation, non-profit and political fund raising campaigns, and in intensive group, family and individual encounters with people on the edge of desperation.

As a civic leader, Leo plants, cultivates and harvests long-standing and new relationships, across political divides and along the full socio-economic spectrum, to forge consensus, craft solutions and deliver results.

At the intersection of business and politics, Leo draws from the deep reservoir of trust, loyalty and affection he has accumulated to serve a catalyst, converting policy to practical execution for institutions, special purposes and public-private deals and structural solutions. He visualizes the final picture, and then facilitates the expertise to put together the puzzle pieces to realize it.

In the substance abuse recovery community, Leo leverages his unique form of stern empathy and tough love to inspire and force both hardened felons and pillars of the community to confront their demons, sameness and humanity – with brutal honesty and gentle dignity. He has helped thousands to restore their sanity, confidence and productivity, with a sense of humility that he hammers away with his trademark mantra:

“There are no sub-humans. There are no super-humans. Just human-humans.”

It’s a fitting epitaph for Leo Vergnetti himself – for what believes and for how he operates in every dimension of his multi-faceted life of service and commitment to the community he loves.

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